Clean Transport

Clean Transport

EV’s, Batteries, Hydrogen and Innovation

Climate Change and Air Pollution and the Vehicle Emissions that contribute to it by Britain’s Road Transport System has had a major impact on Britain today, damaging our Environment and the Health and Wellbeing of our Nation.

Environmental Damage

Environmental pollution, and the vehicle emissions that contribute to it, has had a major impact on Britain today creating awareness and driving legislation.

Climate Change – Carbon Emissions

Transport in Britain accounts for nearly 35% of all Carbon Emissions and measures to tackle C02 Carbon Dioxide Emissions from road transport in Britain have largely been a failure.

Air Quality

Air Quality is the largest Environmental Risk to People today. Air Pollution, Toxic or Dirty Air is the biggest killer behind Cancer, Obesity and Heart Disease. Studies show that it also causes Dementia and makes bad situations worse.


To Accelerate Britain’s Transition from polluting Road Transport to Clean Transport.


Our Objective is to promote Zero Emissions Clean Transport that are Energy Efficient, Safe, Secure and Environmentally Friendly.

Clean Transport Britain

By Road, Rail, Sea and Air with a combination of Zero Carbon Emissions Vehicles, Renewable Clean Electricity driven by Technology and Innovation we can de-carbonise Britain’s Transport Network.

Clean Transport Britain Objective

To utilise technology and Innovation to replace Transport which generate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and harmful Particulate Matter (PM) in Britain’s Transport System with Clean Transport moving Britain toward a Sustainable Transportation System.

Clean Transport Initiatives

Driving the Environment is our initiative to help Britain’s Business and Consumers to Change from driving Polluting fossil fuel Vehicles to Zero Emission Vehicles.

EV Britain – Driving the Environment

Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEV’s).

Please visit our Sister Company EV Britain Ltd

Plug in Britain – Powering the Environment

Plug in Britain is our initiative to bring Clean Energy (ZEV’s) Charging to Britain.

Plug free Britain – Fuelling the Environment

Plug free Britain is our initiative to bring Hydrogen Clean Energy (ZEV’s) to Britain.

Driving our Roadmap

Our Roadmap sets out for the Decarbonisation of Britain’s Road Transport System by the removal of Harmful fossil fuel Commercial and Domestic Polluting Vehicles from Britain’s Roads.

Driving Innovation

With the right combination of Renewable fuels, Innovation and high efficiency, advanced vehicles we can de-carbonise Britain’s Transport Network and move Britain toward a Clean Sustainable Transportation system.

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