Clean Energy

Accelerating Britain’s transition from Energy that harms our People and Planet to Sustainable Clean Energy to Power our nation and combat Climate Change.

Tackling Climate Change

Fossil fuel Energy generation is not only expensive but is the number one cause of air pollution and the leading cause of global warming.

Renewable Energy Powered by the Sun

Clean Air Britain are promoting Solar Energy in Britain to combat Carbon Emissions and reduce Spiralling Energy Costs.

The sun is a reliable, inexpensive and inexhaustable Renewable Energy source. It provides the Earth with as much energy as all proven supplies of oil, coal, and natural gas every five days.

Solar Technology

The full potential of Solar is yet to be discovered as prices of cells continues to drop and the interest continues to grow.

The solar photovoltaic industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world today. Solar Technology is now more affordable, more efficient and extremely reliable.

Solar just feels Right

Solar Clean Energy is a smart investment that just feels right. By capturing the sun through Solar technologies we can turn Redundant roofs and Wasteland into Clean Energy Assets.

It’s not a question of Planet v Pocket, it’s a question of understanding the need to change Britain towards a Clean Energy Nation.

Solar Powering our Nation

World conflicts, fluctuating markets, oil and gas production costs, shipping costs, refinery cost, delivery and damage to our climate makes fossil fuel dirty energy a short-term very expensive commodity. So why are we still using it?

Clean Energy Experts

Working with Market Leading Renewable Energy companies we make the transition to Clean Energy solutions easy, simple and Effective.

We help Business and Consumers to understand the long-term importance, need and benefits of implementing Clean Energy technologies and work with them to remove any potential barriers to sale.

Commercial Sense

We fully appreciate that any investment in Renewables must make good commercial sense. It must deliver the right long-term Sustainable Solutions and a good return on the investment or it simply will not happen without the backing of our government.

If we get the balance right Britain’s Business Community will grow and thrive in new and imerging Global markets and both Business and Consumers across Britain will benefit from the power of Clean Energy.

Solar Desk Based Surveys

Solar desk-based Surveys using Google Earth and the latest Solar PV software tools will allow us to look at your site and provide you with a Desk Based Survey Proposal.

It will give you a good indication about how much Solar array can be installed, how much electricity it will generate, the estimated Costs (subject to survey) the ROI and even calculate the amount of Carbon the system will save.

Solar and Battery Storage

Investing in Solar Power and Energy Storage is a good commercial move to take. Generate Clean Energy, Store and Charge, the perfect combination.

Battery technology is advancing at a tremendous pace. Prices of batteries are dropping fast but the ROI is often the overriding factor when it comes to Energy storage. If you do not generate enough Clean Energy you will end up using the grid to charge the battery.

Powering Business, charging electric fleets and trading excess Clean Energy makes this combination good economic and commercial sense. In the future your car battery will also be a valuable energy storage asset.

We can help you find the right battery storage for your business from leading Battery manufacturers.

Solar Clean Air Branding

Solar Ground Mount designs needn’t look boring they just need a bit of creative thinking to make a piece of wasteland into a valuable marketing asset.

Converting wasteland into Bespoke Solar PV Ground mount installations when the roof is not practical, a listed building or will not be granted planning permission.

Working with your Marketing and Energy teams we can raise your Companies Environmental Credentials through creative and effective marketing and public relations.

Bespoke Solar Ground Mount design promoting your brand, what you do, what you are and promote it through National and Local Media.

Solar Funding and Finance

We work with Britain’s leading Clean Energy Asset Management and Finance Companies who provide a Zero Capital Power Purchase Agreements option (PPA) or very competitive Finance options removing the Barrier to Clean Energy. There may also be Grant Funding and Community funding schemes available to help you finance Clean Energy Assets.

Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

Zero-Capital route to Clean Energy Assets through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with a buy back and own it option. Why pay for a Commercial Solar PV system when you can simply pay for the cheaper electricity you use?

Solar Energy Trading

Solar technology is developing at a tremendous rate and the scope for Solar on Britain’s Roofs and Wasteland means more Clean Energy will be produced locally which will enable smart energy suppliers to intelligently route excess energy to other locations and pay you for it.

Good for the Environment, good for the Planet and good for your Pocket. Solar Clean Energy puts you in control with an opportunity to make money from Clean Energy.

Solar Edge

Solar Edge Technologies Inc are a World Leading smart energy solutions Company in Solar Power Capture and monitoring solutions for residential, commercial, and utility-scale solar PV smarter Solar system installations.

Each Solar Panel is connected to a power optimiser which maximises its output. A smart inverter manages your PV System and supports future upgrades to extend capabilities such as Battery Storage, EV Charging and Smart Energy.

The system provides clients with a Smart Energy Suite to enable them to take control of their Solar Powered System by remotely using the mobile monitoring App.

Solar Car Ports

It is often very difficult for a Business to demonstrate to its local community and customers that they have embarked on a Sustainable Journey simply because they can’t see it on their roof.

A Solar Carport and / or EV Charging points gives Business a “perfect arrival statement” and provides a Clean Energy facility for both visitors and employees.

Not only will they help to reduce Energy Costs and Carbon Emissions they provide an environmental statement and clearly demonstrates their business commitment to Britain’s Clean Climate commitment to Zero Carbon Emissions.

Solar O&M

24/7 Optimisation and performance of your system is essential as it will provide accurate data over the lifetime of the system. Solar PV has an estimated life of circa 35 years and Monitoring and Maintenance is key to its performance and ROI.

Solar Cleaning

Although Britain’s climate is ideal for Solar, nature always finds a way to deposit dirty material on the Solar Array. We can arrange for your system to be Professionally inspected and cleaned.

Solar for Education

Our education system will always have a need for additional funding for vital school resources. A fully funded Solar PV system will reduce energy costs and the savings can be used for these vital resources.
Pupils will be located in a healthier environment and place to learn and the educational benefits gained from this Renewable Energy technology will have major long term benefits in the future as the pupils will understand how it benefits them.

Solar for Home

Reduce your Energy Costs and Carbon footprint at home.
Solar PV System, Battery Storage and EV Charging Point makes the perfect Clean Energy combination.

The government’s new Smart Export Guarantee aims to help future Renewable Energy projects by guaranteeing payment for surplus electricity exported to the grid.

Solar PV Panels with pleasing aesthetics, Solar roof tiles and Solar Glass, will provide homes with Clean Energy independence and cheaper electricity Costs.

Battery Technology

The challenge for Battery manufacturers is to produce Batteries that are quick to charge, power for long periods, provide a good ROI and do not damage the environment. Clean Air Britain are watching this space with great excitement.

EV Charging

Although the upfront cost of an electric vehicle (EV) is often higher, EVs can be cheaper to run, due to the lower cost of electricity compared to petrol or diesel. Recharging at home overnight through Clean Energy Technologies will normally result in the greatest savings.

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