Clean Air

Accelerating Britain’s transition from Poor Quality Air that Harms People to Air that is Healthy to Breathe.

People’s Health and Wellbeing

Air Quality is the largest Environmental Risk to People today. Air Pollution, Toxic or Dirty Air is the 4th biggest killer behind Cancer, Obesity, and Heart Disease.

Poor Air Quality makes People ill, Shortens People’s Lives, Damages the Environment and the British Economy.

Duty of Care

We have a “duty of care” to ensure that the Health and Wellbeing of People is not damaged by toxic or dirty Air and to avoid a growing health crisis.

Air Quality Experts

The best way to improve Air Quality is by fixing the sources that lead to Air Pollution in the first place. We work with leading Air Quality Specialists and Experts who Assess, Monitor and Fix Poor Air Quality.

Air Quality in the Workplace

Air Quality in commercial environments, workplaces, offices, classrooms, meeting rooms and public areas is up to 5X worse than outdoors.

We can install Air Purification Systems, environmental screens, plants, trees and Clean Smart Tech to capture Toxic Air.

Air Quality in CAB’s

Air quality in the CAB’s of professional vehicles expose professional drivers and their passengers to harmful NOX and Particulate Matter (PM2.5) for long periods of time and the output from exhaust systems below Euro 6 standard expose all drivers and people to dirty Air and Health problems.

Recent studies show that even Clean Vehicles can create brake and tyre emissions resulting in us inhaling plastic particles.

Air Quality in Homes

We cannot expect people to live in bubbles of Clean Air or wear space suites but there are measures people can take in the home to help keep the air clean and healthier to breathe.

Clean Economy

Clean Air Environments for employees improves Productivity, Performance, and Efficiency. The cost to business, our health service and our Economy will improve from a reduction in Sickness and Absenteeism.

Clean Air Days

Clean Air Britain believes that every day should be a Clean Air Day and we support Global Action Clean Air Day.

Clean Air through Nature

Tree Planting is a Climate Change solution. Trees draw carbon dioxide out of the atmoshere absorbing and storing dirty emisssions. We can all plant a tree which is one of the cheapest ways to help our planet.

Clean Electrical Industry

Recent studies have found that Sulphur Hexafluoride (SF6) from Electricity leakage also boosts warming.

Sulphur Hexafluoride (SF6) is the most powerful greenhouse gas known to humanity. It is widely used in the electrical industry to prevent short circuits and accidents. However, the significant downside using the gas is that it has the highest global warming potential of any known substance. It is 23,500 times more warming than carbon dioxide (CO2).

We need to prevent leaks and limit the use of SF6.

Clean Air Zones

Cleaning up the Air in Britain’s towns and cities makes good economic sense. If we can help Business to switch to compliant vehicles it will reduce the amount of illegal levels of Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2), carbon and Particulate Matter in our towns and cities.

Clean Transport

Environmental pollution, and the vehicle emissions that contribute to it, has had a major impact on Britain today creating awareness and driving legislation.

We need to reduce transport emissions and take steps to change the way we live to avoid a growing health crisis in towns and cities across Britain.

The government ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) phase out target needs to be set sooner than 2040 to ensure that this sectors contribution to emissions is reduced.

Our aim is to promote Clean and Efficient road freight and passenger transport that is Energy Efficient, Safe, Secure and Environmentally Friendly.

Clean Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles produce zero direct emissions, which specifically helps improve air quality in urban areas. Battery electric cars emit less greenhouse gases and air pollutants over their entire life cycle than petrol and diesel cars. Electric vehicles have the potential to greatly reduce emissions of air pollutants, particularly NOx, at the roadside through eliminating exhaust emissions.

Clean Hydrogen Fuel

Hydrogen is a clean zero-emission fuel burned with oxygen. It can be used in fuel cells or internal combustion engines. It has begun to be used in commercial fuel cell vehicles such as passenger cars and has been used in fuel cell buses for many years.

Clean Emissions Control

We’re not in the business of selling cars or commercial vehicles but we can put you in contact with leading EV manufacturers and Companies who provide Euro 6 Emissions control and DPF Cleaning solutions.

Clean Aviation

Flying takes a lot of energy, which means releasing a lot of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Burning jet fuel releases greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide into Earth’s atmosphere and oceans. Greenhouse gases block heat from escaping from the atmosphere, causing temperatures to rise and Airlines carried around 4.5 Billion passengers in 2019.

Aviation accounts for about 2 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, and that share is poised to grow. The industry is working hard to reduce weight, improve fuel efficiency and technologies.

Clean Agriculture

Agriculture contributes to climate change both by anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases and by the conversion of non-agricultural land such as forests into agricultural land.

Deforestation currently accounts for an additional 20 per cent of emissions and machine intensive farming methods may all contribute to increased carbon concentrations in the atmosphere.

Clean Technologies

Clean technology, sometimes referred to as Cleantech, is a term generally used to define a set of technologies that either reduces or optimises the use of natural resources, whilst at the same time reducing the negative effect that technology has on the planet and its ecosystems.

Clean Air Products

Clean Air Britain is looking to develop and market our own range of Clean Air products and innovative technologies under the Clean Air Britain brand.

We currently work with Companies that provide products that are UK tested and approved for use.

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