Clean Air App

Clean Air App

The Clean Air App will provide information on Air Quality but focuses on Climate Change and Air Pollution Solutions which will have a greater benefit to the Health and Wellbeing of People.

We plan to develop our Free Clean Air App putting our Clean Air Information Service including Climate Change and Air Pollution Solutions in the palm of your hand.

One of Britain’s greatest exports

We are also looking to develop our Clean Air App Information Service for other countries around the world through our link:

For the Global Community

Clean Air App Content

People’s Health and Wellbeing
Protect the Planet
Clean Air
Clean Energy
Clean Climate
Air Quality News and Data
Sustainable Behaviour
Energy Efficiency
Powering Social Good
Provide Reassurance
Carbon Emissions Solutions
Air Pollutant Emissions Solutions
Clean Air Shop

Clean Air Shop
Environmentally friendly Clean Air Products to help People’s Health and Wellbeing, Protect our Planet, Remove Harmful Emissions and improve Air Quality.

Clean Air Tech – Air Quality, Measuring, Monitoring and Cleaning Dirty Air.
Clean Cell Tech – Off Grid Power, Battery and Clean Energy Storage.
Clean e Tech – Electric Powered Drivetrains and Power Sources.

Clean Air Reassurance

The Clean Air App will include a section for future generations to provide reassurance that we can and will meet the challenges of Air Pollution and Climate Change.

Free Clean Air App

Clean Air Britain plan to launch our Clean Air App for people living and working in Britain first.

Operating Systems

The Clean Air App information service will be compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems and devices.

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