Clean Air Alliance

Powering Social Good

We adopt a “Collaborative” approach to business working with other complementary Organisations who can help us build a Cleaner, Healthier, Safer Planet.


To improve the environment through sustainability solutions, projects and initiatives, waste management, Procurement and Energy Management. We plan to work in harmony with these organisations bringing our expertise to the table.


Through education we can help people both young and old about the need of changing our behaviour to fully appreciate the benefits of Clean Air and Clean Energy.

Clean Energy Referral Program

We work with Clean Energy suppliers who provide 100% Renewable Electricity generated from Solar and Wind Farms.

A new generation of “Energy suppliers of the future” who set out to be different providing Clean Energy and outstanding Customer Service.

We can help you switch to a Clean Energy supplier today. It’s simple and easy.

Smart Energy Management

Smart Energy Management is key to improving energy efficiency, reducing carbon emissions and costs.

Smart Energy Management, Wireless Internet Cloud Technology and Artificial Intelligence enables you to access real time energy data from smart meters putting you in control.

We work with leading companies providing intelligent smart energy management solutions and technology.

Carbon Offset & Carbon Neutral

Carbon offset is a reduction in emissions of carbon dioxide made in order to compensate for an emission made elsewhere.

We work with several organisations who deliver carbon emissions reductions and carbon offset projects that improve people’s lives as well as defending our environment.

Tree Planting Schemes

Trees are essential to maintaining our climate and biodiversity improving Air Quality by absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen to breathe.

Sustainability Certification Programmes

We work with organisations who provide a certification programme recognising commitment to continuous improvement in sustainability

The Programme helps you to measure and reduce your carbon emissions, energy and water consumption, your travel, and the amount of waste you create.

Energy Management

Energy management competencies are required for individuals to effectively manage organisational energy cost, consumption and its monitoring and reporting, as well as energy efficiency requirements.

We can introduce you to organisations such as the EMA whose members have recognised Energy Manager status for those professionals who can demonstrate comprehensive knowledge of energy management.

Thank you

We are currently supporting several mobile applications to help people to identify Air Quality, Pollution and Clean Air Zones in Britain. Using sophisticated air monitoring capabilities these Apps will alert you to high pollution areas that will have a detrimental effect on your health. We would wish to thank those Companies for allowing us to promote their applications on our website.

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