Clean Air Britain

Clean Energy and Clean Transport

Replacing Carbon Emissions with Zero Emissions

Fossil Fuels used in the Worlds Energy and Transport Systems are the main causes of Climate Change, so why are we still using them?

Winning Environmental Combination

Clean Air Britain are delivering Zero Emissions Clean Energy and Clean Transport to Britain our ‘Winning Environmental Combination’ to help Tackle Climate Change and improve Air Quality.

Zero Emissions Technology and Innovation Business

Our Planet is on an unsustainable path and Climate Change driven by Global Warming and Air Pollution are two of the greatest challenges and risks facing the World today.

81% of Britain’s Carbon Emissions come from the use of Fossil Fuels powering Business, Transport and Homes.

Clean Energy and Clean Transport with Zero Emissions are a “Winning Environmental Combination” to avert Climate Change and improve Air Quality.

Driven by the Environment

We are a Zero Emissions Technology and Innovation Business ‘Driven by the Environment’. We provide Advice and Recommendations and act as an Intermediary between Clients and our Clean Climate Group.

Britain’s Clean Environment

We see Britain’s Clean Environment as one that is void of any form of pollution and its effect. Zero Emissions Clean Energy and Clean Transport that deliver Britain with Clean Air and a Clean Climate.


To Decarbonise Britain’s Business, Transport and Homes ‘Driven by Clean Technology and Innovation’.


To improve People’s Health and Wellbeing, avert Climate Change and to Protect our Environment for Future Generations.

Clean Air

Zero Emissions Technology and Innovation will give People Air Quality that is ‘Healthy to Breathe’.

Clean Energy

Fossil fuel Energy generation is not only expensive but is the number one cause of air pollution and the leading cause of global warming.

Clean Transport

Zero Emissions Commercial and Consumer Road Transport. Vehicles that generate no CO2 Emissions from the tailpipe and are driven by Clean Power from Batteries and Hydrogen Technology and Innovation.

EV Britain – Driving the Environment

EV Britain Ltd ‘Driving the Environment’ is our sister Company established to Accelerate Britain’s transition from Polluting Vehicles to Zero Emission Electric Vehicles.

Clean Climate Group

We have established the Clean Climate Group a carefully selected Local and National Coalition of Approved Clean Energy Professionals and Industry Experts. ‘Making things Better’ through Business Collaboration.

Using the strength of our Coalitions Brand, Industry Knowledge and Professional Expertise our Group deliver Clean Energy Solutions for Commercial and Residential Clients across Britain.

Clean Transport Britain Initiative

By Road, Rail, Sea and Air with a combination of Zero Carbon Emissions Vehicles, Renewable Clean Electricity driven by Technology and Innovation we can de-carbonise Britain’s Transport Network.

Clean Transport Britain Objective

To utilise technology and Innovation to replace Transport which generate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and harmful Particulate Matter (PM) in Britain’s Transport System with Clean Transport moving Britain toward a Sustainable Transportation System.

Britain’s Route to Net Zero Emissions

The Paris Climate Agreement the first ever universal, legally binding global Climate Change agreement requires that all countries rich, poor, developed or developing to do their part and slash greenhouse gas emissions with a global target of Net Zero Carbon Dioxide Emissions by mid-century.

In June 2019, the UK becomes the first major economy to pass Net Zero Emissions law. The target will require the UK to bring all greenhouse gas emissions to Net Zero by 2050.

Net Zero Carbon Dioxide Emissions would be balanced by schemes to offset an equivalent amount of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere driven by Clean Energy Technology and Innovation.

For the World to reach Net Zero Carbon Dioxide Emissions by mid-century, we need to look at Clean Energy Technology and innovative ways to power homes and business, how we travel and many other aspects of our lives to make our planet cleaner and more sustainable.

Britain’s Net Zero Clean Economy

We are working to make Britain a Net Zero Emissions Clean Economy. Clean Energy and Clean Transport with Zero Carbon Emissions is good for the Health and Wellbeing of our Nation and good for the British Economy.

Climate Change

Climate Change driven by Global Warming threatens the essential ingredients of good health impacting on human lives and health in a variety of ways. Our Planet will only stop warming when we reach Net Zero Carbon Dioxide Emissions.

Air Quality

According to the World Health Organisation, over four million people die every year from the effect of poor air quality, with 75% of pollutants believed to be caused by vehicle emissions.

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