Clean Air Britain

In March 2018 we established Clean Air Britain Ltd. Our aim is to raise the awareness and highlight the risk to people’s Health and Wellbeing if we failed as a Generation to avert Climate Change and Air Pollution.

We started trading in 2020 but with the outbreak of the Coronavirus Pandemic we have been following Government instructions.

Britain’s Route to Net Zero Emissions

The Paris Climate Agreement the first ever universal, legally binding global Climate Change agreement requires that all countries rich, poor, developed or developing to do their part and slash greenhouse gas emissions with a global target of Net Zero Carbon Dioxide Emissions by mid-century.

In June 2019, the UK becomes the first major economy to pass Net Zero Emissions law. The target will require the UK to bring all greenhouse gas emissions to Net Zero by 2050.

Net Zero Carbon Dioxide Emissions would be balanced by schemes to offset an equivalent amount of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere driven by Clean Energy Technology and Innovation.

In order for the World to reach Net Zero Carbon Dioxide Emissions by mid-century, we need to look at Clean Energy Technology and innovative ways to power homes and business, how we travel and many other aspects of our lives to make our planet cleaner and more sustainable.

Britain’s Net Zero Clean Economy

Clean Air Britain are working to make Britain a Net Zero Emissions Clean Economy. Clean Energy and Clean Transport with Zero Carbon Emissions is good for the Health and Wellbeing of our Nation and good for the British Economy.

Clean Air

Zero Emissions

Clean Air Britain are taking positive action by fixing the sources that lead to harmful emissions in the first place and by Decarbonisation of Britain’s Business, Transport and Homes.

Clean Energy and Clean Transport

From 2021 we will focus on Climate Change and Air Quality Prevention. Clean Energy powered by Renewables and Innovation and Clean Transport Powered by Batteries and Hydrogen.

Clean Energy

Fossil fuel Energy generation is not only expensive but is the number one cause of air pollution and the leading cause of global warming.

Clean Transport

Transport in Britain accounts for nearly 35% of all Carbon Emissions and Drivers, Passengers and Pedestrians are all exposed to harmful N0X and Particulate Matter (PM2.5) from ICE exhaust emissions.

Clean Transport Britain

To De-Carbonise Britain’s Transport Network

Clean Transport Britain are looking to utilise technology to replace or reduce the direct use of fossil fuels, which generate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in Britain’s Transport System.

With the combination of renewable fuels, innovation and high efficiency, advanced vehicles we can de-carbonise Britain’s Transport Network and move Britain toward a Sustainable Transportation system.

Clean Transport Britain are looking to raise public awareness and work with Britain’s Business Community to find, promote and deliver Zero Emissions Clean Transport Solutions.

EV Britain

Decarbonisation of Britain’s Road Transport

EV Britain Ltd is our sister Company established to accelerate the transition from Polluting Vehicles to Clean Powered Electric Vehicles through our Plug-in-Britain Battery EV (BEV) or Plug-free-Britian Fuel Cell EV (FCEV) Clean Transport Platform.

Smart Britain App

Using innovative technology, we plan to launch the Smart Britain App putting Smart Energy Management in the palm of your hand. it has never been easier to control how much energy we use and when we use it through the Smart Britain App.

Innovate Net Zero

The 2020s are the decisive decade for the world to avert the worst impacts of Climate Change. Innovate Net Zero is a Clean Air Britain initiative to make things better for Future Generations through Business Collaboration.

Clean Climate Group

We are encouraging the Global Business Community to find Innovative Solutions to avert this Global Climate Crisis through Business Collaboration.

Pay as you go Zero

Making the transition to Zero Emissions Clean Energy and Clean Transport more Flexible, Affordable and Manageable.

We are looking at an innovative financial way to help Britain’s Business and Consumers to make the switch to ZERO through our Pay as you go ZERO service.


Our aim is to raise the awareness and highlight the risk to people’s Health and Wellbeing if we fail as a Generation to avert Climate Change and Air Pollution.


To Remove Harmful Carbon and Air Pollutant Emissions that damage people’s Health and Wellbeing and to protect our environment.


We want to provide reassurance to our future generations that the issues of Climate Change and Air Pollution are being addressed and that Clean Air Britain is doing its bit to help.

Clean Air Britain Ltd

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