Clean Air Britain

In March 2018 we established Clean Air Britain Ltd. Our aim is to raise the awareness and highlight the risk to people’s Health and Wellbeing if we failed as a Nation to combat Climate Change and Air Pollution.

The Company spent 2 years working and networking with leading Clean Air, and Clean Energy Experts, Manufacturers, Suppliers and Customers gaining first-hand knowledge and experience of our Clean Air and Clean Energy market sectors. We started trading in 2020.

Coronavirus (COVID19) update: The Coronavirus Pandemic has delayed some of our plans for 2020.

Clean Air the New Normal

When the World recovers from this dreadful Coronavirus Pandemic let the New Normal be one without Air Pollution and Carbon Emissions.
Stay Home – Protect the NHS – Save Lives

The global response to the Coronavirus Pandemic is in some ways a test for the world to deal with the most challenging emergencies of all – Climate Change and Air Pollution.

Innovate Net Zero


In June 2019, the UK becomes the first major economy to pass net zero emissions law. The target will require the UK to bring all greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050

Net Zero means any emissions would be balanced by schemes to offset an equivalent amount of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.

How do we find Innovative Net Zero Carbon Solutions to stop Climate Change and help the World get there ? – Through Innovation.

Clean Air Britain has launched Innovate Net Zero. Our collaborative approach to develop Innovative Net Zero Carbon Solutions for our Planet.

New site under development: www.innovatenetzero.com
#Innovate Net Zero

Clean Air Britain Aim

To Remove Harmful Carbon and Air Pollutant Emissions that damage people’s Health and Wellbeing and to protect our environment.

Clean Air Britain Objective

Net Zero Carbon & Air Pollutant Emissions

We take an intelligent Sustainable approach to Air Quality and Renewable Clean Energy solutions providing Innovative Net Zero Carbon and Air Pollutant Emission Solutions.

Clean Air Solutions

Climate Change and Air Pollution Solutions

Meeting the challenges of Climate Change and Air Pollution by providing the right Solutions for Business and Consumers.

Clean Air that is Healthy to Breathe and Clean Energy powered by Renewables.

Clean Air Charities

Clean Air Britain is looking to raise the profile of Climate Change and Air Pollution.

By providing Climate Change and Air Pollution Solutions for Business and Consumers as a commercial business we plan to support Health and Wellbeing, Environmental and Conservation Charities and other good causes.

Clean Air Britain Reassurance

We want to provide reassurance to our future generations that the issues of Air Pollution and Climate Change are being addressed and that Clean Air Britain is doing its bit to help.

Clean Air Experts

Air Quality and Renewable Energy are exciting markets to be in, but it needs genuine industry experts who can make a positive contribution to this Global Emergency.

Clean Air Hub

Powering Social Good

Clean Air Britain is looking to raise the profile of Climate Change and Air Pollution and raising the bar in Clean Air and Clean Energy solutions by taking positive action.

Clean Air App

Clean Air App Information Service including Climate Change and Air Pollution Solutions. Using innovative technology, we plan to develop our Clean Air App putting our Clean Air Concise Information Service in the palm of your hand.

The Clean Air App will provide information on Air Quality but focuses on Climate Change and Air Pollution Solutions which will have a greater benefit to the Health and Wellbeing of People.

For the Global Community

We plan to make this service available to the Global Community.

The Clean Air App information service will be convenient, useful and helpful for people living and working in Britain first.

Compatible with iOS and Android operating systems and devices.

Clean Air Shop

Environmentally friendly Clean Air Products to help People’s Health and Wellbeing, Protect our Planet, Remove Harmful Emissions and improve Air Quality.

Clean Air Tech – Air Quality, Measuring, Monitoring and Cleaning Dirty Air.
Clean Cell Tech – Off Grid Power, Battery and Clean Energy Storage.
Clean e Tech – Electric Powered Drivetrains and Power Sources.

Clean Air Britain Ltd

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